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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home Study - pt 1

Wow - what a whirlwind! Things have been going FULL STEAM AHEAD lately.

We had our first meeting with Laura at the agency Aug 1st. Needless to say we were a bit nervous - but - it couldnt have gone better if we tried! She said straight off that from what she had seen/read that we were already approved - the meetings were just a formality. (WHOO HOO!)

We met for about 2 hrs just reviewing our self-study and getting to know each other better. After a few minutes we were comfortable (as comfortable as can be expected while digging thru memories with a complete stranger!) She is a wonderful person and we feel lucky to get her!

Our 2nd meeting was scheduled for Aug 2nd at our house but she had to reschedule it for Aug 7th. We left the meeting feeling energized and really excited about what was ahead.

Then - the bridge fell (I-35 over the Mississippi). My DH was ON THAT BRIDGE just hours before it went down. I feel sick just thinking about it. That put a dark cloud over our excitement. So many people were injured, missing, or lost. It is such a tragedy. I heard yesterday that they are still searching for 5 people. The water is so murky even the Navy divers are having a tough time seeing. It really puts things in perspective....


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