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An infertility / adoption / pregnancy blog. After 3 MCs and IF testing (with no diagnosis) we shifted our focus to adoption. After being matched we discovered we were pregnant. After telling our agency about the pregnancy our match was severed. This is the story of our journey to parenthood.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home Study - pt 2

Aug 7th - Laura met us at our house for the home-visit. She walked in the front door and we sat at the kitchen table and talked. She never even went thru the house! (all that cleaning for nothing! :-))
I had given our dog a new bone right before Laura got there hoping that she would be calm. IT WORKED! She was so mellow! I was OVERJOYED! (she is getting a steakbone tonight!)

The home-visit lasted about an hour. It was very relaxed. She said that she would let us review the final report before she submitted it. We can hardly wait!!!

It feels so good to have that part of the journey behind us.

Next Step : the 2 day Openness Seminar Aug 9-10.


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