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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Openess Seminar

August 9-10, 2007
Openness in Adoption
This is the required 2-day seminar for the Domestic Infant Adoption Program at our agency.

WOW - What a great seminar! We went with open minds and were amazed at the information that was provided. Our agency does a FABULOUS job pushing you to explore new ways of thinking. It really was a powerful 2 days.

The spotlight of the first day was the "Adoption Panel". This panel consisted of a birthmom, her parents, the adopted child, and the adoptive parents (and their 2 other children). They told their story and then we were able to ask questions. Everyone in the room was glued to every word. (I was a little disappointed that the birthmom was the same one that we met during PAC. I was hoping to hear someone elses story. Oh well, it was still good info!)

The second day was a full one. We had multiple sessions dealing with openness, diversity, cultural awareness, and writing a profile/Dear Birthmother letter. There was also a session during which a lawyer talked about the legal process (and risks). We got his card for future use!

All-in-all it was wonderful experience. We really learned a TON!

Now, we are in the process of drafting our own profile/letter.
My DH had already started it before the seminar so we've got a head start. There really is a lot to consider when writing such and important letter. Ive purchased a few books on the subject to help us make the most impactful letter we can. Its fun - yet scary. This is the MOST IMPORTANT letter we will ever write. How do you put your heart on a piece of paper?

Timing is everything. Laura told us that they are currently working with 12 potential birthmothers. If we get our profile/letter done soon it will be viewed by the 12!
(no pressure.... yeah right!)


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