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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Today was a very big day!

We met with our SW and the coordinator for Peru at our agency today. We met for almost 2 hrs! It was great - but there was so much information - I'm suffering from total overload now!

I don't want to jinx anything ... but ... it went REALLY GOOD .. I mean REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!! We are feeling very positive about our decision to dual-list with Peru. I think this will be it for us!!! (shhh - I'm scared I might jinx it!)

We went to get our passports started right after the meeting. We also got certified copies of our BC & ML. WHOO HOO! Cross those things off the list!

Now we need to fill out MORE FORMS and schedule physicals and psych evaluations! Yikes!
We also have to attend another seminar (Before I Joined Your Family) about adopting 1+yr olds via Int'l in a few weeks. Should be a good one!

I forgot how much I dread the forms! Oh well, at least we are being productive. This will bring us one step closer to our children!

On a somber note, even though today was such a positive day, I am still saddened by the MC I had 2yrs ago today. Its hard to believe that time has slipped by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday ....


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