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An infertility / adoption / pregnancy blog. After 3 MCs and IF testing (with no diagnosis) we shifted our focus to adoption. After being matched we discovered we were pregnant. After telling our agency about the pregnancy our match was severed. This is the story of our journey to parenthood.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our Many Blessings!

I’ve got so many updates I’m not sure where to start!
God is truly blessing us!
Things have been going so well I’m scared that I’m dreaming!

We sent in our completed Self-Studies on 7/13 (yep – Friday the 13th!)
I got an email from our agency coordinator the following Monday confirming that she had everything and would be assigning us our social worker who would contact us within the week (HOORAY!)

On Friday I received an email from our social worker – Laura. She introduced herself and gave us a list of available times for our Home-Study meetings. I was so excited I called my DH immediately! Then I called Laura back to confirm some times for our 2 meetings. I bet she thought I was nuts because I was SO excited! (I’m hoping she gets that all the time)

Its official – our first meeting is August 1st (my birthday!) at the agency – our second is at our home on August 2nd.

Laura said that she’s already read thru our file and doesn’t think there will be anything to worry about. She said that she is excited to meet us and see our home. She also pre-approved us for the required openness seminar without even meeting us! (We were previously told that we couldn’t attend until we had met with our SW at least once) That sounds like a really good sign, right?!?!

I was OVERJOYED after I talked with Laura. She sounded so upbeat … so WONDERFUL!!!! I can’t wait to meet her!

The next major thing that happened has to do with our basement.
When we built our house we didn’t finish the basement. After much discussion we decided that now was the time – we wanted it done before our children came home so we hired a company to do the work 2 months ago. It was supposed to be done already but the doors were on backorder. We finally ordered them from another supplier who also put them on backorder! UGH! After 2+ wks of not knowing when we’d get doors – and having all other work suspended - we were getting a little nervous.

As of Friday this isn’t a concern anymore. The contractor called and said that OUR DOORS WERE IN!!! (WHOO HOO!) That means that everything will be done by this THURSDAY! My prayers have been answered – our basement will be done before the Home-Study!!!!

As if that wasn’t enough good news … to add a little icing on the cake … my DH went to the local casino Friday night and won $400!

What a WONDERFUL way to end the week.

After enduring so many disappointments I’m savoring every moment of this remarkable thing called PURE JOY.
I know there will probably be some rough spots down the road – but right now – I FEEL FABULOUS!

I know in my heart that we are where we are supposed to be – God has lead us to this place – He is leading us to our children!