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Friday, August 08, 2008

Something I thought Id never see again ...

Well, our world has turned upside down again ....
Shortly after posting my last post ... this happened ...

Yep - it's true..... OMG !!!!!

We decided to keep it quiet, with my miscarriage history who could blame us ... besides, we have this amazing little boy in Colombia waiting for us to finalize adoption paperwork!

This week everything changed.... Ive had 2 Dr's tell me that it is too risky for me to travel to Colombia for the adoption - and one of Colombia's requirements is that both parents travel to the country.

Where does that leave us .... well, we have one of two options ... 1) we can return the referral and let him be adopted by someone else or 2) we can wait a few weeks and see if I M/C. If I don't M/C in the next few weeks we'd have to return the referral anyway.

THIS IS SO HARD!! He has already had to wait for so long because our immigration paperwork is taking forever - what right do we have to make him wait longer ... and then not even be sure if we can adopt him anyway (since I cant travel). Our social worker has given us the weekend to decide what we want to do .... what would you do?

ps - If Im still pregnant tomorrow it will mark the longest pregnancy Ive had so far.... (12 wks is my record)